2013: A Writing Odyssey

Having signed off 2012 in style with The Nativity musical, 2013 is promising to be another great year on the contemporary Christian drama scene in Southampton (and hopefully beyond!).

Plans are already taking shape for the next E-Quip Arts production – this time in collaboration with Sam Lenton, as we seek to take his play Zealous! to audiences in the Spring. The play, which tells the story of Paul’s conversion, is the next production from Sam Lenton following the success of his festive plays, Who’s the baby? and What happened to the baby?, and we are looking into the possibility of touring across multiple venues and maybe even putting on an outdoor performance and/or a larger show in a public theatre. Stay tuned for more details!

DVDs of What happened to the baby? are now in the production stage, the editing having been completed in December, and should be available to purchase by the end of January! Look out too for a Kindle version of the script, coming to Amazon shortly…

Alongside these exciting ventures, talks are underway to record at least one radio play and videos of monologues from the It was the tree’s fault collection.

I hope you enjoyed the free Christmas resources posted on this blog in December. If any were performed, please do get in touch to let us know how they went!

More resources will continue to be posted on this blog over the forthcoming months, so please visit us again!

Thank you for your continued support in the year ahead.


About samlenton

I am a writer based in Southampton, England. I write and direct Christian plays and have self-published a novel, which is available on Amazon. To find out more about me and my writing, please visit www.samlenton.co.uk
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